Vampire Diaries

31 Mar

Title: Vampire Diaries

Genre: TV Show

Show: Season 1, episode 1

Recommended Age:  High School!

Scale: 8/10


The Vampire Diaries is an American show. The season 1 pilot episode set a record number of viewers for the CW channel and it is one of the most watched shows on television.  The first episode introduces the audience to the main characters. We meet Elena and her brother, both of whom seem fragile after their mother’s untimely death. We also meet two brother vampires and are introduced to the idea that the town is haunted by supernatural beings.


I’m already fighting a horrible vampire addiction. I actually cannot sleep if an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t playing at a comfortable remove and I have the entire three seasons of True Blood memorized. For my own sanity,  I really did not want to expose myself to more vampire related media, but this seems to be quite popular with young adults and it seemed like something I should know more about.

I really enjoyed this episode. The characters were beautiful to look at, the acting was solid, and I would probably watch this again. However, the dialogue did seem wooden and I kind of found myself wishing that Buffy would come busting out of the forest, stake raised, ready to kill some vamps.

It’s diet Buffy. There’s no wit or humor here. Just good looking people with blood lust. I  would have rated this higher if it had just been a little smarter.

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