Get Test Smart

31 Mar

Title: Get Test Smart

Genre: Homework Help/Nonfiction

Author: Laurie Rozakis

Recommended Age: 12-14

Scale: 6/10


This book is basically a how-to take tests guide for a middle school audience. Students will be able to find advice and tips on how to avoid state dependent learning.  There are also sections instructing students on how to: write a persuasive essay, analyze a map, and brush up on math skills.  How to Get Test Smart includes sample questions so students can practice their new skills.


It was awful for me to read and it contained useless advice like, “Get to Class on time! The early bird catches the worm!” Having said that,  some readers might get something out of it.  The author included a study schedule and I thought that was ingenious.  I think it’s a habit that people should start as soon as possible and it was nice to see that in there.  The book strikes me as containing a lot of information that probably seem obvious to most young adults, but again, it might be useful to some. I didn’t love and wouldn’t recommend it, but neither would I weed it from a collection.


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