Teen Vogue= Diet Awesomesauce

30 Mar

Title: Teen Vogue

Genre: Magazine

Author: N/A

Age: 13 and up

Scale: 7.5/10


Teen Vogue is a magazine for young adults. The magazine usually consists of: a celebrity interview, several beauty features, two fashion spreads, several advice columns, a DYI project, and several articles on a variety of subjects.  The magazine is exceptionally well designed. The colors are bright and primary, the fonts are usually bold and unique, and the photographs are fun and light.


I always think of Teen Vogue as being Diet Sassy.

Sassy was an excellent Teen magazine that folded in the early nineties and chronicled the Riot Grrl movement, grunge, and the third wave of feminism like it was nobody’s business.  Sassy and Teen Vogue share many similarities. Young girls are the target audience for Teen Vogue. Sassy was also designed  for young women. Teen Vogue’s layout is bright and fun and the photo shoots usually show a range of models and body-sizes. Sassy was renown for the same thing. Teen Vogue tries to focus on celebrities that young women might view as role models. Sassy did this too.

The similarities end at the content.

Sassy seemed to think that young women should look up to PJ Harvey, Debbie Harris, and Courtney love. Teen Vogue likes to feature harmless young country singers like Taylor Swift.  Sassy delved into the light and airy side of writing occasionally, but generally the bulk of the writing was clever, inspired and witty. Teen Vogue  underestimates  its readers by keeping the articles light and fluffy.

Whoever thought we would miss the nineties?

Overall, I don’t hate Teen Vogue.

I appreciate the design.

I understand that many girls would enjoy this.

The Do It Yourself Project is usually easy and cute.

I just think that there’s a big gaping hole in the magazine industry for teen girls who want a little substance served with their monthly side of fashion.

Rest in Peace Sassy. You remain beloved and missed.

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