Mick Harte Was Here

30 Mar

Title: Mick Harte Was Here

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Author: Barbara Park

Ages: Early Teens (12-14)

Scale: 8.5/10


The narrator of this story is Phoebe and she tells the reader about the days leading up to her brother’s death. Her brother Mick is (was) ten months younger and was one of the funniest and coolest kids at her school. He was adored by pretty much everyone he ever met. Phoebe’s loss is even more poignant and palpable and she spends much of the book wondering if the events that caused Mick’s death were somehow her fault. Her parents are scientists and are unable to comfort her or themselves. The book ends after Phoebe gives a presentation at her school during health and safety week. She goes on to describe that Mick would be alive today if he had only worn his bike helmet.


Barbara Park made me cry.

This woman can write about grieving. I think young adults would be strongly affected by this particular book. The ending is especially heart rendering and after reading it, I immediately  wanted put on my bike helmet. The only things I didn’t love about this book were the loose ends. I like my sad stories to have a happy ending, but this didn’t. The parents were still a long way from healing. Phoebe still seemed like a shadow of her former self.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this book to teens.

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