The Espressologist

24 Mar

Title: See Above

Author:Kristina Springer

Genre:Young Adult Romance

Recommended Age: 15-18

Scale: 7.5/10


Jane Turner, a quirky and independent seventeen year-old barrista, starts setting customers up on dates based on their coffee preferences. Orginally, Jane is thrilled. The job breaks up the boring nature of her work, earns her some bonus points with the manager, and is fun. However, the job stops being fun once she realizes that she managed to set her best friend up with the perfect boy.Long story shot, Jane and said boy (whose name is Cam) end up together and she and her best friend manage to patch things up.


Well. I liked it. It was frivilous and breezy and it took my mind off the boring stressful parts of being a grown-up. I think that the author perfectly captured the mannerisms of seventeen-year-old girls and it made me feel like I was listening to my boyfriend’s little sister talk. There are some problems with this book. Its obvious and it plays out like your typical romantic teen novel, but in a way that can be satisfying. Overall, I would reccomend this book.


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